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Landscape Design Planning Guide

The summer is here and your yard just isn't looking the way you want. It's something that most struggle with every couple of years. But what can you do about it?

How about a new landscape design plan? 

Whether it's something small or a full renovation, having a plan is very important. So, if you're looking to revamp your outdoor living space or any other area around your home or office that may be in need of a landscaping upgrade, here is a simple design planning guide to use: 

  • Grid It 
    • Bust out the architectural paper, it's time to grid out your area. Measuring the area and marking off the immovable objects (trees, porches, driveways, etc.) is the first step. Once you have the layout down, you can start to create and design what your imagination can draw up. 
  • Sketch It 
    • This is where the imagination process really takes off. Sketching what you want your landscaping design to look like will help you decide what works best and what may need to be changed. Whether it's from adding more or less bushes or making the koi pond a little smaller to fit in a larger rock waterfall, this is where you can really let your mind go to work. 
  • Finalize It 
    • Once the exact dimensions and plans are in place, it's time to finalize it. Adding color to your design will help bring it to life for you, your family and, if necessary, your landscaping team. 
  • Understand It 
    • The designs normally use logos or symbols to indicate what is what. Make sure everyone involved in the landscaping execution knows exactly what everything means. This helps with the buying process and also brings down the chances of a mistake drastically. 
  • Start It 
    • After the planning is all said and done, grab the tools and all of the help needed to get the job done. 

No matter the size, going through a landscaping project can be difficult and you'll need the assistance of a hardscape contractor to provide optimal caring for your landscape. For help on the planning and execution, contact Landscape Designers Michigan today!

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